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Aubrey's Acres Nigerian Dwarf's

2014 ADGA Junior National Grand Champion

- Aubreys Acres Hazzle Nut -

Sire of the 2016 ADGA Nationals 1st Place Junior Get

- Aubreys Acres Pherrari -

Daughters of the 1st Place Group

- Aubreys Acres Nutter Butter -

- Aubreys Acres Penny -

- Aubreys Acres PH Mocha -

2016 ADGA Nationals 1st Place Best 3 Junior Does

- Aubreys Acres Starburst (Center) -

- Aubreys Acres Keep Me Happy (Left) -

- Aubreys Acres Star Keeper (Right) -

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About Us  

Welcome to Aubrey's Acres Nigerian Dwarfs! We are located on a small hobby farm in Gilman, WI. Our roots began in 1997 when my parents, Myles and Robin, asked their three kids if they would like a pool or barn. It was voted to build a barn and The Schifsky's TLC Farm was born, named after my brother, Tyler, my sister, Caitlin, and myself Lauren. It all started with just a few chickens, ducks, rabbits, a pony, a donkey, and two pet goats, and this proved to be only the beginning. I soon got involved in 4-H and purchased two Nubian does. After a couple of years I got into Nigerian Dwarfs because of their color and small size. So in 2003 I purchased my first Nigerian Doe, Happy Tailz Phunny Phace and Buck, Ponders End DD Matinee Idol. And in 2008 I changed my herd name to Aubreys Acres Nigerian Dwarfs, and am happy to claim that nearly every goat in my herd can be traced back to Phunny Phace and Mat. When Nigerians were accepted into ADGA in 2005 I began to develop a goal to establish a consistent herd that resembled the type of dairy goat I wanted to breed for. I strive to breed for correct conformation, productivity and longevity, as well as a well attached and capacious mammary. We believe that Nigerians should represent all the characteristics of the standard sized breeds, being productive and dairy, except for in a smaller package.

About Me

Hi! My name is Lauren Schifsky. I have been involved with goats since I was six years old. It was my passion for my goats that led me to Major in Animal Science at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, where I was lucky enough to have found someone who shares the passion I have for my goats. Together we consult about breeding plans, shows, management and records.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Lauren Schifsky

Text/call: 651.808.3518

[email protected]

Gilman, WI